Thursday, February 22, 2007

Buffalo 6, Ottawa 5 (SO)

Did someone say that this game was gonna be a snore?

Does anybody out there still believe that the Sabres aren't a physical club?

Plenty of pucks in the net and the latest edition of "Goalies Gone Wild" all taking place down at the arena tonight. The action was fast from the get go, but the tempers reached a boiling point to say the least when Chris Neil blindsided Chris Drury on the way to the net. The hit took Drury out of the game with a vicious cut to the head and following the whistle a free for all took place with multiple players in throwdowns....the main event being Biron v. Emery.

Heck, for a moment we were gonna see Ruff v. that would've been a hoot.

Yes, I was thinking Shields v. Snow as well at that moment. Chalk up a W to Emery in that one, and pat on the back for him holding his own against Peters.

Vanek got two in 36 seconds.....if you're wondering, the Sabres record is 10 seconds shared by Derek Plante and Danny Gare.

Sabres got to the shootout by holding off Ottawa on a power play(which had no business happening considering what the officials let go earlier in the OT)

Other key moments...Ryan Miller killing off a 5 on 3 fresh off of the bench after the scrums had Biron ejected......

Kaleta's first game is in the books...dude looked a bit nervous and maybe a bit intimidated by his surroundings that night....

Ruff not divulging about Drury's availability...sigh....another home game...another injury???

45 hours until faceoff in Ottawa Saturday, not that anyone is counting....I'm sure you're not.....

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