Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's NHL draft deadline day

All eyes are on the NHL and the 3PM EST trade deadline. In recent days the Forsberg to Nashville and Tkachuk to Atlanta moves have sent shock waves, and looks now like Gary Roberts will indeed be shipped out of Florida before the day is done.

I caught one interesting comment last night on TSN (yes I do get that channel don't ask me how I'm not telling) from Coyotes coach Wayne Gretzky, who said he has no intention of parting with Kevyn Adams. There has been much talk about bringing Adams to Buffalo, him being a WNYer, his comparative modest salary, his penchant for toughness and a good locker room guy would seemingly make him a good fit.

So here in Buffalo, will we see Darcy Regier pull the trigger on any deals, including the most widely speculated move involving trading goaltender Marty Biron?

And if Buffalo doesn't make a move, will they be medicating and administering oxygen to the sportswriting tandem of Gleason, Sullivan and Dicesare over at the Buffalo News offices later today?

We'll be watching the tickers all day long and listening in to WGR 55. Peter will have his rundown and recap of the day's events later on.

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