Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sabres 6, Leaves 1

Yet ANOTHER scratch in the Buffalo lineup tonight, as the other co-captain Daniel Briere sits this one out because of the flu.

This time around, the Sabres played one man short on the roster, meaning plenty of ice time for Stafford, MacArthur, Kaleta, Ryan and Mancari, the "Saberks" crew.

If there was any one night to just pack it in, coast through a game and regroup for Friday, this would be it. Briere will then be back, Zubrus will join the lineup and we'll see where Drury is at.

Yet if it's anyone who packed it in it was Toronto, who did outshoot the Sabres but were pretty much late getting to the puck, late on hits and earned every bit of the scorn they got from the boo-birds at the ACC.

MacArthur tallied his 2nd; Stafford scored as well. My man Jochen Hecht has the heart of a lion and picked it up tonight in a big way when the other skill guys were absent, scoring two goals.

With the Montreal Canadiens reeling, Friday night is looking pretty good for our boys right about now.

Reflections on an incredible day...

I fired up the laptop well before 10 AM... then turned on WGR-AM to listen to the discussion... Had the TV going as well on TSN... Amazingly I did get out to do a couple service calls for my business but got back by mid-afternoon... Back and forth on the phone with Pete to discuss the goings on... writing the column for this week's Artvoice and thankfully our editor Geoff Kelly extended our deadline so we could get today's news into the piece...Checking out my fellow Sabres sports bloggers including Kevin and his open thread at Bfloblog to watch the chatter... Running the column by Pete who was working OT today so I'm reading him the column as he's walking... Thought about going down to the arena to catch Darcy's conference in person but decided to stay put... Then caught more radio and pregame, and then the 7:30 PM Sabres-Leafs game... And of course flipping to the other games on Centre Ice...Dave Staba at Buffalo Rising offers an excellent analysis of the Sabres trades.

It is now 10:40 PM. I have been eating, living, breathing Sabres hockey for 13 hours.

So let's now check the TV dial... Phx at Edm... Cbj at Col... My night is not over yet!

Ain't life great!!!

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admin said...

I hate that this says I am "Admin", I need to change my Google account...it's Kevin from BfloBlog here.


Indeed, Andrew, life is great today. All that, plus a beatdown of the Leafs? Doesn't get much better.