Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Avalanche 3, Sabres 2

I came down to the arena tonight and felt strange.

At the end of one....felt strange.

End of two, ends....the whole night just seemed a little off, I don't know why.

The game started well with Paestch's goal, and a couple more great chances that coulda, shoulda, woulda, didn't....then the power play that resulted in a shorty by Colorado.....the peculiarity continued from there. Colorado evened the score...funny how the red light never went on.

Avs score right off the bat to start the second.....I didn't even get back to my seat when that happened....Sabres even it on a goal off of a skate. Then Colorado scores the game winner in similar fashion. (Joe Sakic scored this one, regardless of what the scoresheet says.)

Not to blame officials for any call or such, but 25 minutes without a man in the box? Why are these people out there again? Seems like clutching and grabbing were back in vogue tonight.

Good news....Drury is back, with a big red blotch in his right eye and all....Peters may be soon to follow.

Stat of the night: Paul Stastny (yes, Peter's son) scored a point in his seventeenth straight game. As the saying goes, the apple don't fall far from the tree...

Minnesota Friday, if you thought this game was dull you haven't seen anything yet.

And tell Leaf fan to quit chanting "Go Leafs Go" when their team is not in the building. As if Loser....errr... Leaf Fan wasn't annoying enough!

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