Friday, March 9, 2007

Oh no! Not another Silverbacks logo!!!!!

Remember the big flap last summer about the new nickname and logo for Buffalo's ABA club? When the name Silverbacks was announced with a red gorilla as a logo, some community leaders hellbent on creating a crisis where there was none cried foul over the notion of a basketball team (read: predominantly African-American) having a gorilla for a logo.

Personally, I thought this to be quite silly. The logo and name was the idea of Modie Cox, player and assistant coach of the club. He liked the idea of an aggressive and powerful animal such as a gorilla for a logo. I'm darned well certain that his race wasn't part of his decision making.

Shortly thereafter, the club caved in to pressure and changed the logo to a panther/hyena type animal with a silver back....yawn.

Well, while Andrew is off at the Sabres game, I went on a random search to see if any other teams had picked up on the Silverbacks original idea....let's just say those community activists that had a bee in their bonnet over this could be busy for a while if they so chose...

Let's start with hockey....the BCHL'S Salmon Arm Silverbacks

how 'bout arena football....the CIFL's Miami Valley Silverbacks

and while we're at it, how about soccer....the USL's Atlanta Silverbacks

nope, not done yet! Minor league football! the NAFL's London(Ont.) Silverbacks

Look at all of these nasty and racist dare they! heavy sarcasm here

Notice the racial diversity of the teams involved here is at all ends of the spectrum, some teams have little or no African Americans, some have many. In the end I'm certain that the teams saw the nickname and logo in the same light that Modie and his organization did, simply a really cool nickname and logo representing a physically intimidating, ferocious, and intelligent animal. Nothing more.

Too bad some folks here in Buffalo didn't see it the same light....

Note: I'm very "pc" when it comes to offensive sports logos....but this was utterly ridiculous...

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