Sunday, March 18, 2007

Our weekly series on cool media folk - Meet Gary and The King

Left- Mike Casiano, Right - Gary Herman

OK, maybe Gary Herman and Mike Casiano aren't technically "media folk", but they are good friends and integral parts of the USRT lore, and since they made it to Buffalo last weekend for the Sabres/Devils game, we are pleased to showcase these two guys this week.

When the USRT hit the finish line in late 2002, we were feted with a great deal of media attention on the national stage. Gary and Mike caught the news somewhere, and quickly emailed us... "Not so fast!" they said. "We too have traveled the same path. We have been to every sporting venue as well."

We met up, compared notes, and indeed they have made the sacrifice and pain and joy to go all across the country. But they take it a step further... both of these guys live in New York City, and in close proximity to major league and minor league teams of all sorts. So they go to games every day... yes every day they are at a sporting event, even major holidays. Last year The King tallied up over 400 games attended. Do the math that's more than one a day!

Our travel plans sometime overlap, so it's always good reconnecting with the guys, updating what's going on in the sports travel and sports venue departments, and assisting each other in our mutual roadtripping efforts.

They're good guys... a little crazy maybe. But when it comes to sports road trips and attending games, yeah we might call ourselves "Ultimate", but Mike is the only one truly worthy of the title, "The King". We bow in deference!

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