Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sabres 4, Devils 3

The boys in blue and gold win a big Eastern Conference game with the help of some returning faces.

Welcome back Kotalik. Nice to see you again Paille.

Out with significant long term injuries, these two Sabres returned to the ice and provided two of the Sabres' third period goals and lifted Buffalo to a critical 4-3 win over the Devils. Paille got the scoring going in the third with a nice rebound shot that got under Brodeur, and Kotalik showed that his rocket of a shot hadn't been slowed down as he powered home what proved to be the game winner with a tad over four minutes to go.

The win pushes the Sabres to 105 points on the season and most importantly expands their lead over the Devils and Senators to seven points and puts the magic number to win the conference's top seed at four. Buffalo can clinch as early as Friday with a win over the Islanders combined with a bunch of dominoes falling in other games just right.

Notes from inside the arena....

Whoever is in charge of returning the banners to their rightful spots in the rafters either messed things up or decided to do a little redecorating. Tim Horton's #2 has been moved away from the middle of the Sabres retired numbers and sent way off to the right of the other five. Again, can't say whether this is a goof or if it's planned.

Hey, if you go to as many arenas as we do, trust me you'd notice things like this too.....

Fitting music track of the night: Van Halen's "Runnin' With the Devil".

No goals and no penalties in period one. I thinks Taro is gonna get to work on finding out when the last time that has occured at a Sabres game.

After seeing Zubrus' amazing end to end rush in the first period I now can see why people go crazy over this guy and wonder why things like this don't happen more often.

Islanders coming into town Friday. 18,690 fans will know that Teddy is in the building, will anyone with a tv/scoreboard camera know that???

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