Friday, April 6, 2007

The 8th seed - it's either Montreal, Toronto, or New York Islanders

We're eagerly watching as to who will be Buffalo's opponent in Round 1. Here are the scenarios:

Controls its own destiny.
Win over Toronto in regulation or OT/SO and they are IN.

Loss in OT/SO means they are IN if the Islanders do not win both their games.

Win over Montreal in regulation and if the Islanders do not win both their games and they are IN.
Toronto MUST beat Montreal in regulation. An OT/SO win means they are OUT.

Loss in OT/SO to Montreal and they are OUT.

Win over Philadelphia Sat and win over New Jersey Sun a must.
Toronto must W over Montreal either in regulation or OT/SO.

SAT: NYI at PHI, 1pm; MON at TOR 7pm
SUN: NYI at NJD 1pm

Ya think every TV set in Buffalo is going to be tuned into Hockey Night in Canada on CBC this Saturday?

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