Monday, April 30, 2007

Artvoice "Best Of Buffalo"

Pete and Artvoice publisher Jamie Moses grinning ear to ear at the "Best of Buffalo" party

Tonight we headed to the Town Ballroom downtown for the annual "Best of Buffalo" bash sponsored by Artvoice. For the past two months, our readers have been voting online and via paper ballots for their best picks in all sorts of categories... restaurants, bars, eateires, politicians, celebrities, events, just about everything. So tonight the winners were announced, with a back drop of musical entertainment, libations and complimentary food samples.

The good news: the place was jammed wall to wall with revelers, contestants, fabulous drag queens and assorted bon vivants wanting to be part of the action. The bad news: twice the people and half the food from past years. So we said "hi" to some people we know, chatted around a bit, had a drink, did the photo opp with the Big Boss, and headed out to Casa Di Pizza with uber-blogger and cool new friend Nathan Strang to share a large c&p pie and watch the Devils/Sens game.

Congrats to all the winners - they will be listed in this Thursday's edition of Artvoice.

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