Sunday, April 8, 2007

Die Leaves Die!

It will be Buffalo Sabres and the New York Islanders in the first round.

I got to watch today on TSN, and just shook my head as the Devils tied the score with 0.8 seconds left in regulation, putting a dagger in the heart of Islanders fans and jubilation in the homes and streets of Toronto.

But the game was not over. After the overtime the season for two teams came down to a shootout, and it was Scott Clemmenson for NJ vs Wade Dubieliewicz for NY.

Both teams traded goals in the first round, the Islanders got one in the second while NJ's chance was poke checked away. In the third round with the win on the line, Ryan Smyth missed the net for the Islanders... NJ's last chance ended up with Dubie poke checking the puck off Sergei Brylin's stick, and the celebration was on.

Ted Nolan looked EXACTLY as he did back in 1997 when the Sabres beat the Senators in game 7 of overtime. Just unbridled childlike joy!

And TSN also showed a live shot from Gretzky's restaurant in downtown Toronto... heh heh heh.

10PM update...
Round 1 schedule
Thursday 4/12 8:00 @Buffalo
Saturday 4/14 7:30 @Buffalo
Monday 4/16 7:30 @Islanders
Wednesday 4/18 7:30 @Islanders
Friday 4/20 7:00 @Buffalo
Sunday 4/22 7:00 @Islanders
Tuesday 4/24 TBD @Buffalo

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