Sunday, April 1, 2007

New at the Jake - "Heritage Park"

Take a seat, New York Yankees and Monument Park. The Cleveland Indians have unveiled Heritage Park beyond their left-center field wall at Jacobs Field. This former picnic area is now an area of concrete obelisks and bronze plaques enshrining the greatest players to ever wear the Indians uniform.

More from this article in the Northeast Ohio News-Herald.


Alex said...

This will sound like a dumb question, but can you explain a little more about the Indians and us? We're Cleveland's farm team right? So that means all their reserve players play for us, like all the Sabres reserve players play in Rochester. So if a player gets injured in Cleveland or plays poorly, they take one of our guys away and promote him right? So one more question..what is "double A" and "single A"? Does that have anything to do with the Bisons? Thanks for the education!

Peter said...

You pretty much have it nailed Alex. Buffalo is the top(class AAA)affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. And it is a similar situation to the Sabres and Rochester Americans.

A big difference is that unlike hockey's player development system has only one or two levels below the NHL. Baseball has many more levels, and that is where Single A, AA and such come in(there is also a "rookie" level which is the bottom rung. Yep, I've confused you right???

Let's just say you're a hot high school baseball star. If you're that good, a major league club selects you in an amateur draft. If you choose to sign a contract with that club, the club then assigns you to one of their affiliates...Every Major League club has an affiliate at these levels(lowest to high) Rookie,Single A(short season),Single A, AA, and AAA.

Players then work their way up to the majors from wherever they are originally assigned to.

Hope that helps...