Sunday, April 15, 2007

Our weekly series on cool media folks - Meet George Kuhn

A couple weeks ago we talked about seating assignments in the HSBC Arena pressbox, and who we get to spend time with as neighbors. Well, we've got a blue chip journalist sitting to our left, and his name is George Kuhn of Sports and Leisure Magazine.

This season started sort of chaotically for Sports and Leisure when it came to Sabres coverage, trying to find the right type of person to fill the chair and deliver the sort of monthly feature that such a publication demands. By December George had arrived to take over the reigns, and since his assuming responsibilty he has delivered some top notch pieces on the Sabres, a couple of them even becoming cover stories for the paper.

And why not? George is just a bit older than me, so we grew up with childhood memories of the Sabres in the early days, and he can spout off names of past Sabres greats, stats, personal histories, and other useless trivia. Sometimes when we are both at the games well before faceoff time and they're showing some vintage Sabres clip from playoff days of yore on the Jumbotron, George looks at the reel, and can immediately cite the year, the game, the situation, who scored and who won.

He boasts of a huge collection of sports books, programs, media guides, videos and other collectibles from across the hockey spectrum. He has shared friendships and associations with past Sabres greats... Rick Martin and Randy Burridge come to mind. And like all of us who participate in the Sabres media corps, his assignment covering the team is one that he values highly.

Coming to the games and spending time with George Kuhn makes this job so much more enjoyable. Though we've known him for only a short time, he is one of the guys up there who holds an esteemed spot on our media "A" list!

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Anonymous said...

I think if you did a Google search of George Kuhn Vintage Hockey Classics you would have a different opinion of your press box neighbor.