Sunday, April 29, 2007

Random thoughts on the NBA playoffs.....

Been watching as much of the NBA playoffs as possible between NHL games as possible(dammit, when's that new HDTV coming in!)....and just chiming in with a few rambling observations.

Place to be as a fan: Oakland. The Oracle Arena witnessed its first postseason game in thirteen years and the fans in the joint treated it like a Finals game. The Warriors responded to the fandemonium by annihilating the top seeded Mavs 109-91.

Worst title defense in recent memory: Miami goes out with a whimper in a four game sweep. I didn't catch much of this one, I'm glad.

Ummm....D-Wade, maybe getting that shoulder fixed should have been a higher priority.

Sucks to be a fan of: any NBA team in the state of Florida. 0 for 8, OUCH!

Not yet ready for prime time award goes to: The Toronto Raptors. I really like what's being built up north and there's a nice young core in TJ Ford, Andrea Bargnani and Chris Bosh. But Kidd, Carter, and Jefferson they ain't. They need another year or so to develop....

Kobe won a postseason game this season. Wonder if he feels like he put one over on Shaq, who got swept this season.

AI....7 for 20, throwing up a few prayers in game three.....sigh.....a lepoard's skin never changes.

Can we just end the Cavs/Wizards series now??

And I still have nothing to say about the Jazz/Rockets series. Maybe later. (Going off topic here...but where can I get my AH YOU jersey at??)

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