Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Reporting in from Pittsburgh... Sabres at Penguins tonight

It is a gorgeous 83 degree sunny day here in the 'Burgh... we're enjoying every bit of it and now sitting in our pressbox chairs high up in the rafters at Mellon Arena. Puck will drop in 15 minutes!

This is a photo of the remnants of the actual outfield wall of Forbes Field, once home of the MLB Pittsburgh Pirates... you can find this on the University of Pittsburgh campus.

Our good friend Kevin Dale, a/k/a the "Booted One", was in town on business so he hooked up with us before the game for some beer and wings at a pub near Mellon Arena.

These buildings across the street from Mellon Arena will be coming down very soon to make room for construction of the new Pittsburgh Arena, set to open in October, 2009.

A bird's eye view from the Mellon Arena pressbox!

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