Thursday, April 12, 2007

Torey Lovullo is one happy guy today!

It's 4:30PM... my cool downtown sports day continues...

Bisons 2, Lynx 1 at Dunn Tire Park
After turning a strange 1-5-4 double play in the 6th following by Choo's diving catch in right to end the inning, Manager Torey Lovullo had to be pleased. "After some of the defensive outings we've had here, it was nice to see that kind of performance. The lead out was the key out, and those plays essentially saved the ball game for us." Offensively, solo home runs by Keith Ginter and Ryan Mulhern were the difference in this one.

The team now hits the road for sets in Columbus and Toledo before returning home (to hopefully better weather) on Saturday, April 21.

In between games...
So with the Sabres game not starting until 8PM, this means some time to kill, so I'm going to catch up on some writing and some web surfing until they shut down the pressbox here at the ballpark... then head down to the arena. I think I'm in the mood to check out the team store and buy some souvenirs, and maybe see if the pregame concert is still a go. The rain has started though.

Lotsa cookies, ice cream bars and popcorn...but no wi-fi.
Let me start by saying this... the Sabres media department are the best bunch of guys you would want to meet. Mike Gilbert, Chris Bandura, Kevin Snow and webmaster Brian Wheeler always cooperative, always professional, and a joy to interact and work with.

Unless... you have the temerity to ask them to jump on their wi-fi internet service. That's when the Guardians of the Bandwidth and Lords of the Surf come harshly into play. Bottom line... I'd gladly take a reliable internet connection at the arena over the pressbox junk food buffet any day.

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Alex said...

I don't understand. They've got internet access for the media but are not allowing you to use it? What's the big deal there's free wifi everywhere today!