Saturday, April 7, 2007

Weather craziness in Cleveland!

They tried to play baseball at Jacobs Field yesterday... and in fact got 4+ innings of play in, before conditions deteriorated to the point that they had to call the game.

Here was the game situation... Cleveland was up 4-0 on Seattle, and starter Paul Byrd was throwing a no-hitter and had the count at 1-2 with 2 outs in the 5th. One more strike and the game would have been official... and a no-hitter, although an abbreviated one, would have counted in the record book!

Cleveland has cancelled today's games, as have the Buffalo Bisons. And it's not just us being affected... Rochester, Erie and Akron have yet to begin their seasons. More of the same tomorrow - sub freezing temperatures. Best bet for baseball here is Tuesday; it's supposed to hit 41 for a high.

The grounds crew is trying to get the field ready for play.

Pitcher Paul Byrd is doing his stuff as the snow flies.

With 4 2/3 innings completed, Tribe Manager Eric Wedge pleads for play to continue.

Photos from the Cleveland Plain Dealer


Jon said...

The craziest thing about that Cleveland game was the fact when they called it, the weather was clearing up and the grounds crew had just finished clearing off the snow. I really thought they could have finished the inning and when the game was stopped for the last time, conditions were awful but Mike Hargrove kept his mouth shut about it until his final strike when he decided to go complain to the ump. By far one of the craziest games I've ever watched.

Andrew said...

Yeah Jon, I was reading some of the reports and blogs out of Cleveland and it looks like Hargrove was doing his foot dragging mischief to get the outcome he got.

Congrats on the gig and getting credentialed by the Bisons...they put out a nice pregame spread for the media so make sure you come hungry. We will see you at the ballpark!