Wednesday, May 9, 2007

BCHF (Bandwagoning Canadian Hockey Fan)

Did you catch this story in the News today. Gee, isn't that least Ft. Erie is kinda sorta rooting for the Sabres....

One quote in particular that galls me.....

“Go Ottawa, anybody but Buffalo,” Fort Erie resident Christine Carty said Tuesday. “I like Toronto, but Toronto’s not in, so you have to go with the Canadian team.”

Why Christine? Can you please explain to me why you have to root for a team in Ottawa, that more than any other club(except maybe the 90's Wings) built itself into a consistent playoff contender using players from just about every country on Earth EXCEPT Canada. Not to mention as a Leaf fan(allegedly) your hated rival.

Daniel Alfredsson....Anton Volchenkov....Oleg Syprekin....remember the old Sens with Alexei Yashin...Zdeno Chara....Hasek. I could go nuts with this....if a purely Canadian team was a GM, then this club has been a Toyota building its team with foreign born parts.

Oh yes, remember when your goalie Ray "McGahee" Emery stunk up the joint so bad in last season's playoffs? Yep the Sens went out and got Martin Gerber....real Canadian boy there.

Message to Canadian hockey fan....and particular Leaf fan in Southern Ontario. You NEVER root for a hated arch rival, especially not in the postseason! Does Yankee fan root for the Red Sox against the Jays??? NO!!!!!

Go to a Jays game at SkyDome when the Yanks or Sox are in town. Do you think the visiting team's fans there are simply there to cheer against the Jays since they play on Canadian soil! No, it's simply their favorite team.

Listen, I get the whole complex that Canadian fans may have about us and that a team on their soil winning the championship in "their sport" means plenty(way too much). But hey, baseball is America's pastime and basketball is the one game that is played the world over that Americans dominate, but we sure as heck didn't slap high fives when the Raptors were eliminated from the NBA playoffs last week nor do we snicker when the Jays come up short year in and year out.

Message to Canadian hockey your patriotism for international competitions....the Olympics, World Cup, World Championships. It has no place in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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