Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Goal or No Goal? Different takes from VS and TSN

We're not going to break down last night's game and repeat some of the same analyses offered up by Bfloblog and the other linked capable bloggers, who have offered some excellent points and observations.

Pete and I watched the game separately at our homes, hooked in to each other via AIM, and following the game we were on deadline to have our column into Artvoice for this Thursday's edition, so there was work to be done.

I was watching the game on TSN (yes I get that channel at my home in Cheektowaga); Pete was watching on VS via Time Warner Cable.

When Briere seemingly scored the game tying goal with 17 seconds to go, the commentators on TSN were calling it a goal while the review was going on. "It's a goal. There is no way that could not have crossed the line it's simple geometry" said their color commentator. I'm typing furiously to Peter --- "Hey Bro... we're going to ohhhhhh-ver-time!".

"Not so fast" Peter replied. Over at VS, they were calling the replay "inconclusive". I'm not sure if VS showed that real grainy close up, but over at TSN they had that enhanced shot up, and the commentator was circling the puck on the telestrator and drawing the angle of the camera, stating that if the camera had been directly over the goal, the small swath of white between the puck and the goal line would be clearly visible.

So here at my house in Cheektowaga it was premature jubilation; over at Peter's in North Buffalo - quiet resignation. A minute later the referee made it official with the "no goal" gesture. This series would come back to Buffalo tied at two.

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