Friday, May 18, 2007

More "love" from across the Peace Bridge

So tonight I'm flipping through sites and articles and checking out Anything Sabres, and I come across this attempt at a clever piece in the Welland Tribune. (For anyone not from these parts, Welland Ontario is about 25 miles west of Buffalo just across the border.)

The salient points? We lost our NBA team, never won a Super Bowl, never won a Stanley Cup, thousands of jobs gone and more leaving by the day. And we pathetic WNY'ers are just sooooooo desperate for any sort of championship so we could feel good about ourselves again.

Then the kicker... ain't happenin! The writer, some beady eyed, flapping headed Canuck named "Bernd" goes on to gloat how his (suddenly beloved) Senators will be fine, wraps himself in his maple leaf flag, and concludes the piece by saying "Buffalo, better keep those Stanley Cup parade plans on hold."

I have no problem with Canadians from Nepean and Kemptville and Cornwall and Hull, QC supporting the Senators. I do have a problem with any Canadians who can easily catch 2, 4 and 7 with a set of cheap rabbit ears doing likewise.

Wayne Redshaw is a long time hockey writer from the Welland Tribune.. . Heck I remember reading his articles in Sabres programs when I was 12 years old and the top row in the Aud was colored grey. Wayne still covers the Sabres, and I'm going to make a point of giving him an earful in the pressbox tomorrow about his colleague "Bernd".

As an aside... too bad this wasn't a Bruce Garrioch piece... the 'tee-hees" would have been off the charts!


dave in Rocha said...

On one hand, I definitely agree that it's ludicrous for all of Canada to suddenly cheer for the Sens as if they're the home team. On the other, wasn't the topic of your last post about how you were rooting for teams from Maine and Michigan in the Memorial Cup?

Then again, WNY isn't Kitchener Ranger territory or anything, so maybe that's how it makes sense.

Andrew said...

Dave -
My last post was intended to be sarcastic. I really have no rooting interest in any junior team, just pointing out how silly it is to be choosing a team based on the country of origin and its postal address.

Jonathan Grant Keller said...

great post.

Jonathan Grant Keller said...

great post.