Saturday, May 19, 2007

Now time to focus on a REAL sport.....The NBA

Hey....there have been more cheap shots and dirty hits in those playoffs than in the NHL this season. See any Spurs game for proof....

I'd like to say I'm really anticipting the professional version of the Final Four, but really all the good fun teams to watch are gone. Miami's title defense goes without so much as a postseason victory, Golden State aroused us with the latest version of Nellieball, and Phoenix was the victim of several cheap shots from the Spurs followed by a big one from the Commisioners Office....

(Quite frankly, Stern's suspensions didn't do nearly the damage to the Suns as he did to the Knicks back in '97, but the Knick fan in me digresses)

Anyhow, we're stuck with this loathsome foursome as we head towards the awarding of the Larry O'Brien Trophy.....

Cleveland v. there any other reason to watch this series than to watch the brilliance of LeBron James? Unfortunately, he just doesn't have a supporting cast to avoid being the wrath of Detroit's suffocating defensive system. This one will be a yawner even if it goes seven games.

It won't: Pistons in six games

Utah v San Antonio: Ah, yes...the Spurs, the Patriots of the of three titles in the past eight seasons and until this season a rep for being a classy team. In steps Bruce Bowen(literally) and Big Shot.....errrr....Cheap Shot Robert Horry among others. It makes you wonder if referee Joey Crawford wasn't too far off in challenging Tim Duncan to a scrum late in the season. This team has developed quite the nasty edge, for certain.

Wow! So that's where Deron Williams went after leaving Illinois.....what a breath of fresh air that guy has been, and who knew that the Jazz would get to the Conference Finals this quickly after the end of the Stockton/Malone era. I like this group, they have been able to play whatever style has been thrown at them by the opposition...whether it be the uptempo Warriors or the slower Rockets.

But unfortunately, the Spurs are too deep for these guys I thinks. Would love nothing more than to see a freak injury hit Bowen or Horry.

Screw it: let my heart think this time. Cinderella lives in Salt Lake City. Jazz to the Finals in seven with stunned silence at Riverwalk when it's done.

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