Friday, June 22, 2007

Kane goes first.....Oden to do the same????

Yep, as expected Buffalo's own Patrick Kane is selected with the first pick overall in the NHL draft tonight. Since Chicago picked him up we assume that the smile for the cameras was almost as real as Eli Manning's was after being selected by the Chargers.

Great for him, and congrats on being (to the best of my recollection) the first Buffalo born athlete to be taken first in an amateur draft in one of the four major sports leagues.

The amazing thing about that last statement is that the second one could be coming up next Thursday night. Ohio State's Greg Oden (born in Buffalo) is the odds on favorite to be selected first in this season's NBA draft. What are the odds on that? Have to wonder if the possibility of two top draft picks from the same city/geographical area in the same season has ever occured before.

There's gotta be a photo op for these two sometime soon......


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Totally unrelated to Kane but still Buffalo oriented. USA Today has an online poll going on this week to name the franchise' top five players of all time. It'd hard to believe but Randy Smith is barely making the cut and Bob McAdoo is just a few votes ahead of Elton Brand. Vote for the Braves and help set things straight.

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