Friday, June 1, 2007

The latest perfomance for the ages....

Last night was a big night for the dish hooked up to my brand new flatscreen HDTV at the new casa, and with that the premier showing for the evening would be Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

Fast forward to about 10 PM...I'm fading, eyes drooping, losing consciousness, and decided to push the power button while the game was late in the third quarter.

Dumb move Petey, biggest damned mistake since Wade Phillips said "let's kick it now with 16 seconds left".....apparently I missed a clutch performance for the ages from Lebron James.

He what??? Scored the final 25 points for the Cavs?? 29 of the last 30??


And in doing so brought the Cavs to within a game of their first NBA Finals appearance in their 37 year history??

Wait a minute....

Ain't this the same person that was being torn to shreds in the media after passing up a game tying shot in Game 1 to pass to a wide open* Donyell Marshall for the win? The guy who supposedly didn't want the ball in the clutch with the game on the line.

Same media with this opinion is very quiet now...and can probably be found hiding in some underground bunker in North Buffalo as we speak.

*(defined as: able to take pass, put ball in hand, grab a handful of popcorn/swig some beer from guy in front row and still have plenty of time to get said shot off.)

Seeing the highlights brought back the memories of other great NBA performances on this stage. Jordan's 63 in '86 against the Celtics in the Gahhhhden....Isiah's courageous performance in '87 on a twisted ankle putting in 25 4th quarter tallies....Bird and Dominique going mano y mano in Game 7 of the '88 Conference semis.

This one ranks right up there. I can't say best ever, but if I have to go back nearly two decades to find a performance that matches James from last night I'd say close enough.

Two big games Saturday night: Stanley Cup Finals/NBA ECF Game 6.

Watch the Senators if you wish.

I'll be watching the King.

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