Friday, June 8, 2007

LeBron and Co.......Meet the Borg

Some random NBA stuff from the past couple of days....

First off, let me thank Lebron James for his Jordanesque effort in the ECF Game 5. And while I'm at it, hats off to Boobie Gibson for his play in the fourth quarter of Game 6 and for giving millions of sports fans the ability to say "Boobie" without being accused of having their mind in the gutter.

The respective efforts of these two are the biggest reason why people(like me) will actually be turning on the TV during this year's Finals rather than be subjected to another Pistons/Spurs borefest.

Now Cleveland gets to face its toughest team yet in the Borg....err...Spurs.

I call them the Borg since they are just so methodical in their style and also don't have much flash, no real personalities that you just wish to latch onto. Just a basketball team that has been the NBA's best over the past decade that is searching for their fourth ring since '99.

If Game 1 is any indication, this is highly likely to happen. In that game, Tony Parker was too quick to the hoop with 27 points. The Spurs got way too many second chances off the boards against a team that prides itself in rebounding department. And Timmy was....well....Timmy.

And oh yeah, did I mention LeBron not hitting an FG 'til halfway through the third??? That isn't going to get it done for the Cavs.

Nice run to the Finals Cleveland, but the reality is the Cavs took advantage of an ultra weak Eastern Conference and needed some amazing performances in Games 5 and 6 of the ECF to reach the Finals and now face a veteran club that is basically the Patriots of the NBA. The Cavs did sweep the season series with the Spurs and frankly this series will still go a long way, the distance I think.

But the ending will remain the same. A Larry O'Brien trophy at the Alamo....again.

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