Thursday, June 21, 2007

*sigh*... So many Christians, so few lions...

Faith Night at Dunn Tire Park this Saturday.

This act got booted from Turner Field in Atlanta last summer, and yes this was the event where pitcher John Smoltz delivered his famed "sermon on the mound". Fans attending that game were greeted by religious pilgrims from Focus on the Family passing out materials outside the stadium about its programs. Some of the brochures highlighted at the game, according to the Focus on the Family’s website, included its Focus on Parenting program, which features a “Hot Topic” about children and homosexuality and how gay activist groups are “targeting” public schools. Other materials passed out included a packet on its endorsements of reparative therapy, or the “ex-gay” movement.

And there was more... our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, or someone who was a dead ringer, was also in attendance outside the ballpark grounds that day, wearing his white robe, thorny crown and dragging his heavy cross, while his entourage passed out slingers urging support of a ballot referendum defining marriage in Georgia as between a man and a woman. So those pesky homos in Georgia want to get married??? Oh, the horror of it all!

The Braves and their owners, Time Warner, received so many complaints from fans that they pulled the plug on future Faith Nights. Yet the Buffalo Bisons apparently see fit to open up our ballpark for these traveling clowns.

I think I'll pass on Faith Night. Call me instead when the Bisons bring in these two as headliners:


Kevin said...

I'm confused.

Did all the things you named above happen at the Braves game or at the Bisons game?

Alex said...

I think the Bisons should do a Pride Night. A lot of Major league baseball teams do that now. What do you guys think? Artvoice would be a good sponsor, no? If they do a promotion like that I will come for sure maybe I'll even get lucky and meet someone kewt!

Rodrigo said...

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Andrew said...

Kevin... all happened at Turner Field last July. Do a google search titled "sermon on the mound" and all sorts of stories will pop up.

Alex... Don't hold your breath on a Pride Night happening anytime soon... as for meeting "someone kewl" we'll be rolling out more cool media guys in coming weeks so stay tuned!