Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sabres 6, Philadelphia 3

Typical Sabres game....or maybe not.

A Philly team tries to bring back the "Broad Street Bullies" ethic to the new NHL...same ol' result. A Sabres win.

Umberger tried to do some retribution on Campbell, the fisticuffs was a draw....wonder why it took until the third meeting for this to happen????

Andrew...freaking...Peters lit the lamp tonight. Let that one sink in. Adam Mair scored as well, let's see if that combination strikes again in the same game....ever.

And oh yes, ANOTHER Sabre lost to long term injury as Daniel Paille is lost to a busted finger.

The optimist in me says: Good to see we are getting the injuries out of the way now before the postseason.

The pessimist says: at this rate come April there won't be a lineup to put on the ice...anyone left in Rochester....Elmira....hello???

Still atop the East with 85 points, 5 over the Devils.

Leaves skunked by Bruins 3-0, Toronto is in the ninth spot in the East. Toronto: feel free to stay there or drop lower.

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