Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Greetings from the pressbox at Dunn Tire Park

Amy Moritz from the Buffalo News and Dave Ricci from Metro Community News are in the saddle today... Outside it's sunny...40 degrees... a little bit better than yesterday.

And memo to Torey Lovullo... Inside its 68 degrees and toasty.

Bisons 5, Lynx 3 (5:00PM report)
No Pete and I are not going to do a game report each game we'll leave the hard core reporting to Buffalobaseballblog, but if we're in the building we will chime in with some takes.

Anyways, the Bisons make it two in a row this afternoon DESPITE three errors on second baseman Hector Luna. He coulda been tagged with a fourth when he turned a double play and the relay skipped into the dirt at first base, but scorer Kevin Lester correctly ruled it a fielder's choice. After the game Torey Lovullo defended his player, saying he really didn't have to talk to Luna on the bench; he is a seasoned pro and if it becomes a pattern then it's time to work on it. Luna did redeem himself with a RBI single in the 6th and later scored.

For the second day in a row, Keith Ginter serves up the heroics - a two run double in the 7th to give Buffalo the lead for good, this after falling behind 3-0 and being no-hit through the first 5.

About 450 in attendance, up from 300 on Opening Day. Can we make it 600 tomorrow?! Just kidding... hey warm spring nights and full houses of happy fans are just a homestand or two away, we promise!


Alex said...

You guys might want to pick up the ball and do the Bisons game reports after all... baseballblog is asleep at the switch. Don't call yourself the baseball source and then go napping.

Alex said...

P.S. - Hi Dave!!! *grin*

Andrew said...

I finally met Jon (buffalobaseballblog) in person at DTP this afternoon... He's not asleep at the switch and is taking his WNY Media Net gig very seriously. Jon is wrapping up his studies at Buff State and has afternoon classes so these day games are tough to cover. But trust me he is hard at work here.

Oh... and Dave says hi too!