Monday, April 9, 2007

Major League IV?????

No, there's no new sequel coming out....but in real life? Hmmmm.

Anyone who remembers the original movie Major League probably knows that the stadium used for the Cleveland Indians home was actually Milwaukee County Stadium.

Well, thanks to the brutal weather that Cleveland has been experiencing lately it appears that the real life Indians will be playing at least one series as the home team in Miller Park against the Los Angeles Angels.

Considering the short advance notice that baseball fans in Milwaukee will be getting for this impromptu series, one can just see the real life Harry Doyle(longtime Brewer radio play by play man Bob Uecker) stretching his microphone out of the booth straining for the sounds of fan enthusiasm within close earshot.

Then again....considering how the Brewers have been for the past two decades, hasn't there been plenty of opportunities for him to do that anyhow???

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