Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Time to bring Sabrefan down to earth here......

"We're gonna walk all over the Islanders!"
Sure about that?

"We're the President's Trophy winners! They just snuck in!!"
Ummm, yea....and??

"We're more talented! There's no way they can match up with us! We have too much depth, we're better in goal! This will be a cakewalk!!"
Sorry pal, history says something totally different. Frankly...

The above quotes seem to be the prevailing sentiment here in town about the upcoming series with the Islanders. The superior talented Sabres will have their way with the injury plagued Islanders filled with enigmatic players such as Miro Satan and Alexei Yashin. Sure they'll play under coach Ted Nolan, but his will will be of little difference in the Sabres eventual walkover of the Long Islanders. I'm here to tell ya that after a little research, that scenario while somewhat possible is not a certainty...not even close.

On a lazy Tuesday night before the playoffs, Taro hit the books to get a looksee at the results of Stanley Cup series pitting #1 vs. #8 seeds. If history holds true to form, yes the Sabres could walk away with a quick series win. That possibility is about as likely as the Islanders walking out of this one on top.

Think I'm joking? Take a look at this:

Since the advent of the current format in 1994 (24 series total):

The number 1 seed has won in 4 or 5 games a total of 8 times. This is one better than the amount of times the 8 seed has won outright (7 times).

Every time a 1/8 series has reached seven games, the 8 seed has won. Not a good thought if this one goes the distance (and you are contemplating that now, aren't you).

The other 9 series' went six games obviously...and while I won't run them all down, there were a few doozies in that group...all involving Detroit. No reason why...

'04: Nashville roughs up the Wings
'02: Wings rally from down 2-0 to stun Canucks. Who remembers the goal from the blue line in game 3???
'96: The White Noise howls one last time in Winnipeg.

Just saying folks, I thinks that a quick and easy series is the last thing that Sabres fans should have on their minds.

Taro Sez...."Simon says: Sabres win in a Dubieous six game set."

This series will make the most arduous of Nolan fans despise him....

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